To close a circle one must go back to the beginning. Thus MoMT records terminates its 7 Years of existence with Replicate 02 the sequel to its first release Replicate 01. The premise of the compilation is the same to allow a group of underground electronic and industrial artists to deliver cover versions of the work of the venerable Bill Leeb and particular his highly influential project Front Line Assembly. This time around the covers are from a diverse range of artists from the returning K-Nitrate and C8K with their powerful EBM influenced techno to the Coldwave and Electro fusions of UCNX, Idiot Stare and Gross National Produkt. Other acts such as Closer Contact and Noir Magnetik tackle the more dark ambient material that has become the forgotten side of Front Line Assembly’s history Again once again Replicate 02 highlights the influence that FLA have had over a generation of bands from a different genres and nationalities. Are you ready to believe is something different!


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