Ghost review by Sick Among the Pure

By:Brad Hirn

Goth supermodel Donna Ricci posed for the album cover and liner notes of Idiot Stare’s self-indulgent Ghost remix single CD (thirteen interpretations of Idiot Stare’s “Ghost” plus an updated version of Time Zone’s “World Destruction” and the new music video for “Ghost”).  Please excuse my ingrained skepticism of Rock bands featuring a nude woman throughout their album booklet.  Is this sincerity or shock value?

Idiot Stare’s “Ghost” is a decent enough Industrial Rock song; ominous keyboards open the track accompanied by heavy distorted guitar and a bobbing percussion beat.  The chorus vocal melody is surprisingly catchy, and the repetitive “What am I?” is at least a unifying thematic lyric, if a predictable one.  But is this song worthy of its own remix CD?

If I were not impressed by the collective effort of such artists as Penal Colony, SMP, Doll Factory, Inertia, and Christ Analogue, and if Idiot Stare had not self-released the CD, I would be very skeptical of Idiot Stare’s intentions.  But I do believe that a song can become a communal beacon for widespread interpretation, and given the variety of genres represented on Ghost (prophei’s “Dark Star” remix emphasizes electronic arrangements while SMP’s “Busted” restores some Industrial flavor), I commend Idiot Stare and their community of Industrial Rock and Dance artists.

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