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Having never heard of Idiot Stare (or STG for that matter) I was really curious to see and hear what this band is all about. This single is the BEST remix single that I’ve received this year. While none of the remixes surpass the original version that Idiot Stare did, there are some rather more dance friendly examples.

Christ Analogue’s offering is harsher and more akin to Wumpscut then the rest of the tracks. The Inertia version was also a nice stompy excuse to get upon the dance floor. Rewire being on here is kinda cheesy (cause the people in Rewire also happen to be in Idiot Stare as I read on their website).

Idiot Stares’ cover of World Destruction is as pertinent (for the US government) as it was back in the eighties. I can’t think of a better Johnny Rotten song to cover in this time of governmental crisis. The video (on the disc) in Macro vision has great surround sound capabilities and is moody as all get out.

Azrael Racek

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