Ghost review by Chain DLK

After the infamous Sony Pictures and MTV conglomerates picked two tracks by Valencia, California based Idiot Stare for the 7th episode of the animated Spiderman series, the band has decided to embark on a remixing journey for one of the two selected songs, the title track “Ghost”; so, besides the original, you get interpretations by Chist Analogue, prophei, Penal Colony, Doll Factory, SMP, Compufonic, Jugend Staat, Inertia, A Different Kind of Cop, REwire, Acidfanatic and Universal Magnetic. What I like about this remix project is that, besides the recurring chorus here and there, the versions are really quite different between each other, which means the involved artists have done a good job at personalizing them and making them unique. The overall result is a pretty aggressive, industrial-metal oriented album that sadly sometimes sounds awfully similar to NIN but mostly introduces us to good electro-industrial music with guitars and angry singing parts. Well produced and solid. Really quite enjoyable! The CD also includes a bonus track (“World Destruction”), as well as a Quicktime video and a 5.1 mix of the title-track.
Review by: Marc “the MEMORY Man” Urselli-Schärer

Courtesy Chain DLK

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