Ghost review by Black Sheep Zine

Reviewed by Matt Ossen

IDIOT STARE have been no strangers to the Industrial underground. Since 1995 they have been on numerous compilations and soundtracks, and they have self-released a few EPs and a couple of full-lengths on their own BODYBAG PRODUCTIONS as well.

One great thing about this “GHOST” REMIXES is that I was able to listen to all 13 mixes in one sitting. That should give you a pretty good idea of how diverse the remixes as well as the remixers are! Another great aspect of this single is that it is introducing us to a lot of great Industrial newcomers. There is serious talent spread all over this remix album. If are afraid that new Industrial talent is hopeless, then this remix-album will set you straight.

“GHOST” REMIXES also includes the video for “Ghost” and a bonus cover-track of TIME ZONE’s “World Destruction”, which both make great additions to an excellent remix album.

‘Original’ mix by IDIOT STARE

A very nice catchy chorus and a great Industrial/EBM song in general. “Ghost” combines live instruments with great synths and programming remarkably. Not to mention, Very good vocals and lyrics.

‘Butterfuck’ remix by CHRIST ANALOGUE

Nice vocoder effects added and extra melody sequences. Vocals are dry yet mixed perfectly.

‘Dark Star’ remix by PROPHEI

Sinister ambience that morphs into an excellent industrial dance track. Great synthetic rhythms.

‘Unidentidrome’ remix by PENAL COLONY

I knew this one was to knock me dead the second I heard it. Starts off very trippy and crescendoes into a fabulous massacre of breakbeats, distorted guitar melodies, and twisted synthetic soundscapes.

‘Hex’ remix DOLL FACTORY

Half-tempo live drum sounds drive the beat with some nice added melodies. Although all of the mixes are pretty distinctive, this one could be most different due to the half-tempo.

‘Busted’ remix by SMP

Well, I knew this one was going to kick my ass too! And of course it has the classic harsh sound that SMP is famous for. Really in your face with the addition of some beep-like Industrial sounds over a distorted yet subtle dance beat.

‘Hippie Homo Artist Zombie’ remix by COMPUFONIC

The original guitar mixes are much more present in this remix, and the beat is pretty straight forward. However, this mix has a good unique style to it.

‘Borstal Muted’ remix by JUGEND STAAT

The tempo is shifted slightly faster in this mix. It gets really psychotic in the middle with the most killer distorted synth lick I have ever heard. Very pleasing to the Industrial ear!

‘Harsh’ remix by INERTIA

A great stripped-down EBM version! The vocals are given really good intention in this mix.

‘Epiphany’ remix by A DIFFERENT KIND OF COP

A DIFFERENT OF COP delivers a different kind of remix. I am pretty sure that there are additional whispered vocal tracks laid down here, and there are definitely extra guitar parts thrown in as well. A nice simple breakbeat guides this ‘emotional’ mix extremely well.

remix by REWIRE

Another mix with some live drum sounds driving the beat. A lot of great distorted guitars woking together rhythmically also.

‘Boot My System’ remix by ACIDFANATIC

This mix has a great panning synthetic drum beat that works so well with the added sound effects. There are also a couple of added melodies that work great with the existing distorted melodies.

‘Identity Crisis’ remix by UNIVERSAL MAGNETIC

The last mix of “Ghost” is the probably the most club-friendly mix. Nonetheless, it is a great Industrial/EBM remix!

Courtesy Black Sheep Zine

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