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To close a circle one must go back to the beginning. Thus MoMT records terminates its 7 Years of existence with Replicate 02 the sequel to its first release Replicate 01. The premise of the compilation is the same to allow a group of underground electronic and industrial artists to deliver cover versions of the… Continue Reading

Ghost review by Stillborn Zine

Nati nel ’95 e successivamente fusisi agli Insight 23, gli Idiot Stare sono una band che propone un interessante industrial metal molto ballabile e aggressivo.. “Ghost” è un maxi-singolo ove oltre alla versione originale di “Ghost”, vi sono 12 remix, “World Destruction” (del ’99) come bonus track e il video della versione originale di “Ghost”… Continue Reading

Ghost review by Gothic Review

Having never heard of Idiot Stare (or STG for that matter) I was really curious to see and hear what this band is all about. This single is the BEST remix single that I’ve received this year. While none of the remixes surpass the original version that Idiot Stare did, there are some rather more… Continue Reading

Ghost review by Chain DLK

After the infamous Sony Pictures and MTV conglomerates picked two tracks by Valencia, California based Idiot Stare for the 7th episode of the animated Spiderman series, the band has decided to embark on a remixing journey for one of the two selected songs, the title track “Ghost”; so, besides the original, you get interpretations by… Continue Reading

Ghost review by Black Sheep Zine

Reviewed by Matt Ossen IDIOT STARE have been no strangers to the Industrial underground. Since 1995 they have been on numerous compilations and soundtracks, and they have self-released a few EPs and a couple of full-lengths on their own BODYBAG PRODUCTIONS as well. One great thing about this “GHOST” REMIXES is that I was able… Continue Reading

Ghost review by Sub Level 203

by Laura B. Idiot Stare, established in 1994, has seen a growing popularity over the years. Sony Pictures and MTV have used the music of Idiot Stare in “Spiderman: The Animated Series”. The track “Ghost”, which was used in episode seven, is presented here as a single that includes 12 other remixes with the oddball… Continue Reading

Ghost review by Legends Magazine

By Ray Van Horn, Jr. Thirteen…count ’em, thirteen…variations of the same song Plus a bonus track which is actually an update of a previously recorded song. The arrogance…the pretentiousness…the masturbatory self-effrontery…the potential to be utterly obnoxious… Okay, the Shamen proved something this glorifying could actually work ages ago with En-Tact, but really, thirteen variations of… Continue Reading

Ghost review by From Dust Magazine

By e.David Ghost is a new extended remix single, containing diverse remixes of the title track from 11 artists, a Quicktime video for it, and a bonus track (“World Destruction 2003 Version”). Musically it is basically guitar-driven industrial in the vein of Christ Analogue or Sister Machine Gun. Though not typically a style I’m into,… Continue Reading